Black Adam, one of the few people not bothered by annoying trailer trucks

Would never have thought anyone could manhandle Black Adam like this

Absorbing Man, another Marvel bad guy brute force with a massive potential, yet sadly underdeveloped in characterization

Ugly is as ugly does, only thing is that ugly is also dead.  Abomination is one of the earliest iconic brute forces in the Marvel Universe.

Big Barda, arguably one of the best looking brute forces around


Avengers Assemble #8 cover

Holy crud, smiling while taking on the Hulk AND Thor.  Thanos really is a brute force in a class all his own.

(via nostalgia64)

Faster than a speeding… well, than the speed of light, I guess…

Thor and Gladiator going at it

One of the strongest lugnuts in the universe, indeed

Prepare to die, villains!

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