Rumor has it that a movie featuring Power Man (Luke Cage) and Iron FIst is on tap, to follow the new Daredevil flick, featuring Charlie Cox from Boardwalk Empire.  Finally! Another brute force on the big screen!

Once upon a time, Groot actually had a wide vocabulary, more than enough to do a monologue.  However, he discovered that it was easier to just say “I am Groot”, and thereafter, continued to be a jolly old brute force.

So, who doesn’t love seeing these two go at it hammer-and-tongs?

It appears that despite is pacifistic nature, the Silver Surfer can become a brute force when he wants to, as he did here when he went all MMA on the Abomination.

Classic brute forces in action!  The Golden Avenger Iron Man and the Thing (boxer shorts edition) versus the comic vampire of Thanos — the Blood Brothers!

Cosmic brute forces at work.  Thanos demonstrating he is master of killing, even with his bare hands, while pre-Annihilation Drax the Destroyer beats a mystically empowered Champion into the ground.

Drax and Hulk taking on a brainwashed and fanatic Thor during the Infinity Crusade.

A couple of brute forces playing cosmic billiard with a supercharged Silver Surfer.

The mightiest mortal alive versus another Apokolips-born construct, an organic animate powered by Doctor Bedlam. Captain Marvel versus Macroman

The bone-crushing strength of Blockbuster versus the burning fury and might of Brimstone — well, as Hulk-like as Blockbuster may be, he’s still no match for the power of an Apokolips-born war construct.

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